Welcome to Rene Garcia.  Rene is a psychic that uses his abilities to help others in search of answers that have been elusive.  He uses his clairvoyance gifts in this pursuit and teaches others how to use their own gifts to help themselves as we all walk through the trouble times of our lives. 

The science of parapsychology is the investigation of the paranormal. Investigators use time honored detective tools of questioning witnesses and interpreting forensic evidence. With Rene’s unique position of having psychic gifts and as a professional investigator, he brings the best of both worlds to you. 

Follow Rene on his blog as he discusses the various tools in the investigation of paranormal manifestations, the different forms of legitimate clairvoyance, clairvoyance in the news, clairvoyance in the corporate world as well as the use of clairvoyance gifts in a personal way.